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Address: 9928 S Helton Rd, Villa Rica, GA 30180

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Barron Farms

How We StartedOur story begins over 2 centuries ago...

When the Ayers family settled in the surrounding area. For generations, they have called this land their home, and the love and connection they have with it has only grown stronger with time.

Ronnie Ayers was one of the descendants of this family, and he was raised within walking distance of his current home. In 1970, he married the love of his life, Barbara, and together they began to build the original home on their property. Ronnie had milled the lumber himself from trees grown on the land, and it was a labor of love that they both put their hearts into.

Throughout their marriage, Ronnie and Barbara raised three boys, Jacob, Joel, and Jared, who have since grown up and still live close by. Sadly, Barbara passed away too soon, but her spirit lives on in the land that she helped cultivate and nurture alongside her husband.

Years later, Jacob and his wife Lesley returned to their roots, and they have since dedicated their free time to keeping his father busy with the farm and garden. Together, they have added livestock, aviary, greenhouse, and barn to their property, each addition a testament to their love for the land and the animals that inhabit it.

At our farm, we are passionate about being outdoors and sharing the full circle of caring for the land and the animals that, in turn, provide so much for us. We find tranquility in the simple pleasures of listening to the creek under the gazebo or feeling the relaxing breeze in our pasture view swing.

Our hope is to share this experience with our guests, to provide a space where they can leave the world behind and enjoy a day away from the schedules and demands of the grind. We invite you to join us, to breathe in the fresh air, and to appreciate the beauty of the land that has been our home for over 200 years